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TechERA – K-12 Education Market and Product Experts

With over 20 years experience as consultants in the K-12 education technology market, TechERA is highly qualified to help your company establish and maintain successful ventures in the rapidly expanding instructional technology space.;

TechERA’s Qualifications and Expertise

Knowledge of Market Successes and Failures

  • Historical knowledge of market conditions impacting success and failure of educational technology products and companies
  • Knowledge of current demands and challenges in the K-12 educational technology market and product and company features required to meet them

Market Research

  • Historical knowledge of the use of technology in K-12 education, and historical basis for current technology use
  • Knowledge of current and evolving K-12 trends impacting the demand for – and use of – educational technology in schools and at home

Product Directions

  • Knowledge of how both traditional and more recent products are evolving to meet new K-12 educational technology market demands
  • Knowledge of how new entrants into the K-12 market are changing the nature of educational technology solutions to meet new demands

Entering the Education Market

  • Knowledge of criteria for success in the educational technology market – content, design and positioning
  • Knowledge of the sales process for successful selling into the K-12 market
  • Knowledge of the K-12 decision-making and buying processes
  • Knowledge of pricing, implementation and customer support models

Competitive Research

  • Knowledge of key players and new entrants in the various segments of the K-12 educational technology market: instruction, assessment, data management, and integrated technology solutions
  • Knowledge and in-depth research of how various K-12 products compare – and how evolving products and new entrants are impacting the competitive landscape